the All-in-one solution for managing the entire mobile application lifecycle

Companies working in the smartphone app market in-app shops are aware of the importance of agility and adaptability when deploying apps. Whether for specialized app development companies or large corporations that choose to outsource their app development, when the number of projects to be overseen grows, this can become a problem.

Large companies that manage an impressive number and variety of iOS and Android apps need to have a quick and complete knowledge of the status of apps in the different shops and Mobile Device Management solutions: Google Store, Apple Store, Intune, VMware, MobileIron, and many others. This can be very demanding for app managers, as each shop has different requirements and workflows. To simplify this task, we have created AppSigner.

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What is AppSigner about?

AppSigner is the easy way to re-sign and deploy the Applications for Android and iOS. AppSigner is able to resign your application for the desired mobile shop, upload it, monitor, and notify the application manager about the status of applications published in the shops for approval and get status and management information in Apple, Google, Microsoft, VMware, MobileIron shops without visiting them.

Among its features you can find:

Easy management

  • We provide a cloud or on-premise solution fully integrated with your existing environment and infrastructure (SAML, OAuth).
  • If your company has an application and you do deliver it as a bespoke application for different customers, with different names, images, logo, bundle ID, AppSigner can be of great help in the management: you define all these applications once, and then with the same IPA / APK file it is possible to create all new applications for each customer, fully branded and customized. Simple and Smart
  • Resign batch for applications: No need to compile or reassign each application individually and manually but can be run in batches of apps at any given time without the need for intervention.
  • Automatic upload of the apps to the shops directly after the signature procedure is finished.
  • The intention of AppSigner is to help Application Managers, so access to the source code of the Application is not required!
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Always connected and up to date

  • Accessible 24/7 over Desktop or Mobile Device.
  • You will receive notifications in case of certificate expiration, approval or rejection, status changes, or a review of the application are posted!
  • Have an overview of the downloads, sales, and usage statistics about all your apps in any shop in one place! Possibility to create a connector or well-prepared dashboards for your stakeholders.
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One-click away from your app deployment

  • Fast deployment to the desired system (Intunes, VMWare, MobileIron).
  • Change the name, the icon, the assets, the texts of the application in no time.
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