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xyndata s.r.o. is an innovative provider of technical solutions for industry. We focus on simplifying people’s lives with easy to use web and phone communication solutions. Improving the CNC equipment with machine monitoring systems for the machining and manufacturing industry, in tune with the latest trends in IoT 4.0 automation, but that’s not all:

We provide tailor-made solutions for the management and lifecycle of app development, and the development of bespoke applications and web projects.

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Who we are?

We are a team of people who are passionate about technology, and we have a clear professional goal: to create excellent products, which achieve the highest specifications to meet our customers’ needs and improve their productivity to the maximum. Digital is our living space, technology fascinates us. Our drive is to make life easier with technical solutions.


CNC machine monitoring, powered by industry 4.0

Introducing xynLOG, our manufacturing monitoring software. Our software seamlessly connects to your existing CNC infrastructure and continuously collects machine data, analyses and processes it to provide useful and accessible information for your decision makers. Transform your approach to maintenance with real-time machine health monitoring. Exploit the power of machine data to keep your equipment running longer and more efficiently. With all the information collected, xynLOG allows you to monitor OEE, machine utilisation and downtime in real time for maximum production efficiency. Our powerful, intuitive, and customisable production and process optimisation applications are based on analytics to help your team make informed decisions to maximise the output of your equipment.
Our monitoring software allows you to connect to any machining equipment you have on site. Forget compatibility issues, whatever CNC equipment or ERP you use in your company, you can get statistics and tracking without any problems.
Integrate a camera capable of capturing video that can be played back via an integrated phone and computer application. Monitor processes even when you are away from the company and ensure production quality is maintained.
With our monitoring software, you can compare information collected from individual machines or groups of machines and sectors. Empower operators to meet production targets by identifying bottlenecks through MACHINE MONITORING & OEE, in an assertive and personalised visualisation of your production.
Fully integrated with a mobile app, xynLOG can be accessed from your phone to access all relevant information about your CNC equipment.
xynLOG can simplify the wear-based preventive maintenance plan by tracking uptime and different operating parameters of the equipment. The software analyses this data and sends automatic notifications in the form of error and warning messages when variables are outside the reference values. In this way, you can better monitor the equipment and anticipate preventive maintenance.

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the all-in-one solution for managing the entire lifecycle of your mobile application

Companies working in the smartphone application market are aware of the importance of agility and adaptability when deploying apps. Whether for specialized app development companies or large corporations that choose to outsource their app development, when the number of projects to be overseen grows, this can become a problem. AppSigner is the easiest way to resign and deploy applications for Android and iOS. Our software solution can resign your app to the desired mobile shop, upload it, monitor and notify the app administrator about the status of apps published in the shops for approval and get status and management information on Apple, Google, Microsoft, VMware, MobileIron shops without visiting them.
Cloud or on-Premises solution fully integrated with your existing environment and infrastructure (SAML, OAuth). Resign batch for applications: No need to compile or reassign each application individually and manually but can be run in batches of apps at any given time without the need for intervention. Our solution allows automatic uploading of apps to the shops directly after the signing procedure is completed.
We provide fast deployment to the desired system (Intunes, VMWare, MobileIron). Change the name, the icon, the assets, the texts of the application in the blink of an eye. Don’t waste any more time managing different app shops: We are here to simplify the work of app managers.
Get an overview of downloads, sales and usage statistics of all your apps in any shop in one place. In addition, you can get the possibility to create a connector or well-prepared dashboards for your stakeholders. Get information tailored to your needs, when and how you want it.
Your development information is accessible 24/7 over Desktop or Mobile Device. You will get notifications in case certificate expiration, approval or rejection, status changes, or a review of the application are posted!
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effective communication to grow your business

Zip-Zap call manager is a live commerce platform that works as a bridge between the sales team of your company’s and your customers. It allows sales representatives to access, execute and schedule video-calls to solve customer queries faster and in a personalised manner in an easy and secure way. Zip-Zap call manager is available for your mobile phone and on Windows or macOS applications for audio/video calls, SIP, and TAPI calls.

Personalised service is one of the most valued features by customers and when closing a sale, it is crucial to have a proper communication channel. Contact, communicate and follow up effectively with your potential or existing customers to make the buying process interactive and engaging.

From the first approach, with Zip-Zap you can identify your web visitors and connect with them live, with the possibility of one-to-one contact through a secure video / audio call platform. It also gives customers the possibility to easily book future appointments with the sales representative.

Provides complete statistics of missed calls, call notes and duration, current calls, active users. In addition, Zip-Zap helps to track previous communication with the customer, to get the full picture and help make better decisions.

Zip-Zap integrates seamlessly with any existing and operational ERP/CRM system (SAP, HubSpot, Salesforce and others) in your company. We provide a ready-to-use turnkey solution to avoid all kinds of compatibility issues.

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Bespoke solutions

software designed to fit your company’s needs

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Don’t worry. Our strong team of developers offers bespoke solutions to improve your business processes with software solutions and data analytics.


We are a solution provider for your new big idea. Our team does master development of complex solutions for native, web and mobile.

We could analyse your needs and prepare qualified offers backed up with approved requirements. This allows for a highly tailored approach during development: taking into account your business processes, choosing the most appropriate metrics and tools, and being flexible enough to implement changes at any time. Gain a competitive advantage with software based on cutting-edge technologies. We can provide references for successful projects in Europe and the US.

Maximise the power of mobile apps to move your business forward. We develop native iOS and Android mobile apps to solve a wide variety of business challenges. Our apps aren’t just for capturing and retaining your customers’ attention: they also help streamline the efficiency of your workforce, facilitate cross-functional communication, and fit into your company’s workflow diagram.

We provide native application development specific to the operating system of your choice, so that application performance is optimised to be faster and smarter. This factor is crucial for data-intensive applications in order to improve performance, and also in cases where it is necessary to adapt to the existing framework.
We customise your needs, to deliver a final product with a carefully designed UX/UI based on your operating system, making the most of your platform’s capabilities and delivering a final product with great audience engagement and retention. from start to finish, a tailor-made solution.

We offer end-to-end solutions that cover all phases of the development cycle, from requirements definition to implementation and quality assurance. Our web portals help to integrate multifunctional applications for a wide range of objectives that your company may have educational, institutional, e-commerce or health portals, no challenge is beyond our reach.

We provide innovative designs and intuitive functionalities to create simple and easy to use portals. We establish a reliable, secure, efficient, and scalable server architecture to keep our websites running smoothly, tailored to your needs.

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What our clients say

Thanks to xyndata s.r.o., we were able to expand our team quickly and flexibly. Communication with their project managers was flawless and their employees were all highly motivated and solution-oriented.

We can recommend xyndata without reservation.
cyberNETix GmbH
Patrick Zajonc, CEO
Bespoke branded multi-platform electronic communication systems for Web and Mobile
xyndata s.r.o. has helped us significantly in setting our software solution on a new footing. We particularly liked the initiative of the employees, who improved the concept even more. Our expectations were not only met but exceeded. Our topics were implemented in a simple and uncomplicated manner, and that's exactly how it should be.
A platform to learn and enhance a skills to fly remote controlled airplanes, helicopters and drones
We hired xyndata s.r.o. to develop the Mac Version of the Software "".

Their deep know-how in MacOS Objective-C along with their exceptional engagement ensured the project was finished on time and in budget.

Axonic GmbH
Martin Welker, CEO
At the time, a ground breaking application to allow internet user seamlessly highlight and connect to further information on any topic as and when they wished